Monday, March 2, 2009

On another note....

Just a personal blog....

I am not a HUGE T.V. watcher, however occasionally I find myself hooked on something. This time around it was The Bachelor. I think it was because I felt so bad for Jason Mesnick and all he went through. Now I am spitting mad and cannot believe I was so engaged by his charm, and precise knowledge of how to treat a women. Well that's what we get ladies for trusting a good for nothing, fake man. When he proposed to Melissa I was ecstatic and truly thought he chose the right girl, and now needs to try out Molly again. How disgusting. Now, I hate this show and really hope Jason gets what he deserves..... Empty sex, that's what he is looking for!!! Man he can cry on demand and has all the right words and phrases. He is the same as the rest. Stay in L.A. Jason, it is where you belong. Thank God he is a good father.

I am really upset about the "Final Rose" special. I am so sorry for Melissa and her pain, and am glad she told him to never call her again. The best line of the night, "You bastard" said Melissa. Go on Melissa.... find someone who can commit without wondering about the other girls he screwed last week.

That's it from me..... I am laughing.

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