Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good news from the "Home-front"

Permit, Granted!!!! So excited I was almost in tears. God is good. In the meantime we finished stripping the doors. One last sanding day and the trim should be ready for primer. The electrical can now be finished and inspected and then I can invite the dry-wallers back!!!!  Here we are sanding, hahaha.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kitchen Tile, Check.

After much sanding and stripping of paint, there's more. Hopefully, this weekend I will finish all the leftovers. Last weekend the new kitchen tile went in, and it wasn't easy. I picked small white hexagon tiles, thought how easy just lay'em down and shove'em together, right? WRONG! More trouble than we thought, but finished. Next, raising a door and replacing exterior window sills. Hope you guys are having as much fun.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Take me here,

And drop me off..... Anyone else?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My friend at RUFF Hotels

If you are a savvy traveler who insists on taking your pet, first I think you are crazy, second if you have plans to visit Napa Valley with your little Pookie, Dusty Rhodes, or Bimini check out RUFF HOTEL ( It is an "upscale, trendy" doggie do hotel, perfect for the overzealous, funny loving, hard playing pup. My friends Shane and Theresa Holden is the owner, she attended Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with my sister, Beka. They were roommates in the big city. I love that she got her Fashion Degree and opened an doggie hotel.

Oh, I didn't mean to leave out the cat!!! They have a great little room for cats.... the one with the curtains.

Here is a little more about RUFF, in their own words.... 

napa residents. family owned. devoted. playful. accommodating. dog lovers.
ruff. is a boutique hotel and daycare catered just for the most important thing in your life—your dog. 
inspired by our own beloved doggies, buff, bee gee, ella, ned, doobie and mani, ruff. bestows the best of the best of a socially entertaining, dependable, nurturing environment for your precious companion—just as we would want for our very own. 
sometimes things come up that just aren’t dog friendly. work, travel, errands. we know, because we had to deal with those very dilemmas ourselves. not all of us can bring along our furry companion to the office or leave him in our hotel room. ruff. makes your life easier, provides lovely professional doggie daycare, and lets us do what we enjoy most—playing with four-legged friends.   
ruff. brings together two of our greatest passions—dogs and family. we promise to take care of your dog like he was one of our own, giving him the same amount of unconditional love and companionship that he provides you with every day. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Yawning for Awnings!

I am looking for adorable awnings for over a few windows. I do believe I am going to black and white stripes.

Here are a few inspirations. 


Monday, April 13, 2009

Jus Cowland Photography..... Check her out!!!

"Jus" is my cousin and she is a great photographer. Hopefully, when the house is complete, she can take some pics to publish!!!! She is promoting a contest you may be interested in. 

Good luck.....

Jus Cowland Photography and a top professional photo lab, Miller’s Professional Imaging, are hosting the 2009 Baby & Child Portrait Contest. First, Second, and Third places, as well as two Honorable Mentions, will be announced for each category! Cash prizes for these winners include $2,000 for First, $1,000 for Second, $750 for Third, and $500 for each Honorable Mention. One portrait from the Final Round will also receive the highest of accolades — Grand Prize Winner. The cash prize will be $5,000 for this lucky winner! All cash prizes will be given to the families of the winning portraits. Categories for this year’s contest include Color, Black and White/Sepia, Special needs, and Humorous. Appointments will be available soon! If you are interested in entering your child in this amazing contest, please send an email to Each participant will receive a $25 print credit toward any package purchase. Entry fee is $40 per child or $75 for two. Each additional child from the same immediate family will receive an additional $5 off entry fee. Session time lasts approximately 20 minutes and may be held on-location or in studio. Each child is allowed 1 outfit change. Miller’s Professional Imaging awards cash Prizes. Only children, infant to age 12, are eligible for this contest. Print purchase not required for entry. Model release must be signed prior to session to be eligible for contest. Prints may also be used for Jus Cowland's next photography book.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, Happy Easter....

Besides the necessary coloring of eggs, hunting for eggs and gorging of chocolate, a few other things were accomplished. I wish I could say they were finished, but things are looking good. This past week, even throughout the weekend, was spent scrapping and sanding all the trim, doors and baseboards.... allow me to show you the fun!!!!! Layers and layers of gorgeous colors, mauve to yellow to blue to brown, or was it the other way around? How ever the colors revealed themselves, I showed them "No Mercy". After a few hours you would step back and realize you had only covered 3 square inches, but with a smile :-). Only about 5 more days of sanding, we are going to try a blow-torch next time around. Next, tearing down that unbelievable wall-paper!!! Can you guess what was underneath? Yep, mold.... feast your eyes on project number 124,673!!! 

I wanted to take an opportunity and say thanks to East Coast Christian Center for a great Easter. All three services were filled up with believers, goers and what some may call CEO's.... Easter and Christmas only-s. No matter what you "were", what you left with was a great message and even a second chance. If you didn't take time to thank Jesus for all He has done for you.... do it now. There is nothing more important. 

I believe this house is my second chance, and the scars of my life will help me navigate my way through. You can make mistakes, but not twice!!!!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall have everlasting life" John 3:16


Monday, April 6, 2009


Today I was shopping around, looking for cute ideas I could do myself. At Pottery Barn Kids I found such adorable things.... Butterflies and Canopies. The butterfly picture is made of real buttons and cut out felt paper. I know I can do this!!!! The bed is so cute and my mom and I are going to attempt the canopy for an outdoor space. Lastly, Neiman Marcus is always full of butterflies. I know I should have thought of this forever ago, but I didn't. For their Chanel display they simply cut out paper butterflies and pinned them down with pearl push pins.... so cute and would be great on a cork board wall!!! Hope I can do these ideas justice....


.... Yet So Far

Well, what can I say? We were close, but no cigar! Busted. "Cease and Desist" was ordered last week and the boys were literally minutes from finishing the drywall. So, after a bunch of paperwork and a few moments of kissing butt.... I am applying for the correct permit. Hopefully this permit won't take to long so we can get back on the job!!!! Here are a few uninteresting pics.....