Saturday, April 18, 2009

My friend at RUFF Hotels

If you are a savvy traveler who insists on taking your pet, first I think you are crazy, second if you have plans to visit Napa Valley with your little Pookie, Dusty Rhodes, or Bimini check out RUFF HOTEL ( It is an "upscale, trendy" doggie do hotel, perfect for the overzealous, funny loving, hard playing pup. My friends Shane and Theresa Holden is the owner, she attended Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with my sister, Beka. They were roommates in the big city. I love that she got her Fashion Degree and opened an doggie hotel.

Oh, I didn't mean to leave out the cat!!! They have a great little room for cats.... the one with the curtains.

Here is a little more about RUFF, in their own words.... 

napa residents. family owned. devoted. playful. accommodating. dog lovers.
ruff. is a boutique hotel and daycare catered just for the most important thing in your life—your dog. 
inspired by our own beloved doggies, buff, bee gee, ella, ned, doobie and mani, ruff. bestows the best of the best of a socially entertaining, dependable, nurturing environment for your precious companion—just as we would want for our very own. 
sometimes things come up that just aren’t dog friendly. work, travel, errands. we know, because we had to deal with those very dilemmas ourselves. not all of us can bring along our furry companion to the office or leave him in our hotel room. ruff. makes your life easier, provides lovely professional doggie daycare, and lets us do what we enjoy most—playing with four-legged friends.   
ruff. brings together two of our greatest passions—dogs and family. we promise to take care of your dog like he was one of our own, giving him the same amount of unconditional love and companionship that he provides you with every day. 

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