Monday, June 15, 2009

Factory 20

Today I was looking around online for salvage plumbing pieces. More specifically, I am trying to find a few porcelain or steel brackets to make shelves in the bathroom. After an hour of looking without any success I came across the mother-load of vintage/salvage furniture, art and lighting. Factory 20 ( If you have any interest in Mid-Century Modern furnishings, old industrial tables and stools or vintage mirrors and chalkboards.... go to the website and join me in a moment of silence!!! Did you hear the angels sing? It is unfortunate, if I happen to win the lottery tomorrow.... Factory 20 would bank!!!!!

Hope you are all having a great day!


P.s. I want to thank the Goolsby family for my flowers. Thank you for thinking of me, praying for my family and always working for Jesus! I know you touch many lives.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a great idea!

Since I spend most of my days, these days, searching for free boxes behind Publix and Walmart this idea was special to me... HAHAHAHA. You know when you have grass delivered on those pesky pallets? The garbage man won't take them so they rot by the road until a glorious trash picker comes by so intrigued by the wooden mess he takes it away for you! Of course the grass you just purchased is now dead underneath... and the cycle begins again!!! Anyway. Whomever designed this adorable daybed and outdoor seating is genius! Now I will never place the pallets by the road.... instead spray paint them make a couch!

Piles of pallets live behind Publix and Walmart, however I think taking them is stealing! Throwing out my "disclaimer".


Friday, June 5, 2009


Straight from the back burner. So after days of sanding, priming, and sanding again... we are ALMOST done. My hands hate me, I owe them a manicure. The final touches are about to complete the job. But, while my sand paper is still out, and I finally know how to work a sander let me introduce you to some junk I found in the garbage, but have big plans for.

1. The 2 little tables, found on the side of the road, were yellow and had seen better days. After sanding and a new piece of glass, they will be new side tables.

2. That dresser, the one the pine mantel is sitting on, will be finished and painted white.

3. See the small brown circles on top of the pine? That is a stool with a wicker top.... Anthony sat on it yesterday and fell right through. Also a garbage find, gets a coat of paint and a new upholstered seat.

4. The sofa gets new fabric, a black and white strip, and should turn out real nice. I am not doing this, but found someone on Craig's List for a great price.

My work is never done....

Mantel Inspiration

This mantel just spoke to me.... said "your not to girlie, so why go with a girlie mantel". It makes me feel warm, vintage and modern all at the same time! I found the giant piece of pine at Florida Victorian ( in Deland, FL. Mark has such amazing things in his store. He invited us to rummage through his back room and my eyes nearly fell out of my face. Treasures around every corner, I was there for 3 hours and on a ladder most of the time. I found a great horse picture, drawn with chalk, lots of hardware, and plenty of other things I made up excuses to get. Check him out!!!!

More Rooms... Ahhhhh, the floors minus 20 years.

Living room, still working on the fireplace. However, I am getting close. I have a great inspiration photo, and a near perfect match mantel. I will post the mantel pics next!

New pics.. and a lot of them!

Enjoy.... Start with the kitchen!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Things I love...

Almost time to move in.... here some things I am drooling over. I need a third job to fulfill the wishes :-)

Check out this book...

I have been very emotionally lately, maybe it's stress, about all of the terrible news stories. Just recently in Florida some psycho-path broke into a home, while the family was sleeping, trying to molest a 4 year old. Last night I was watching the ever so sickening "To Catch a Predator", of course it's always filmed in Florida. In a discussion with a friend I was describing the fear parents must live in, how they must ask God questions about "how could things like this happen" and a book was brought to my attention. The Shack. I have not read this novel, however I plan to find it immediately! From what I have read about the book, it is about a family whose child is abducted while on a family vacation and how they cope with the pain. After years had gone by, a note written by God invites the father back to the Shack in which his daughter was murdered. In that place all of the fathers questions are answered, his heart is repaired and spirit renewed. Sounds scary and touching, leaving you feeling complete. I hope you all look into it, especially if you questions that start with "Why?".