Friday, June 5, 2009


Straight from the back burner. So after days of sanding, priming, and sanding again... we are ALMOST done. My hands hate me, I owe them a manicure. The final touches are about to complete the job. But, while my sand paper is still out, and I finally know how to work a sander let me introduce you to some junk I found in the garbage, but have big plans for.

1. The 2 little tables, found on the side of the road, were yellow and had seen better days. After sanding and a new piece of glass, they will be new side tables.

2. That dresser, the one the pine mantel is sitting on, will be finished and painted white.

3. See the small brown circles on top of the pine? That is a stool with a wicker top.... Anthony sat on it yesterday and fell right through. Also a garbage find, gets a coat of paint and a new upholstered seat.

4. The sofa gets new fabric, a black and white strip, and should turn out real nice. I am not doing this, but found someone on Craig's List for a great price.

My work is never done....

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