Monday, June 1, 2009

Check out this book...

I have been very emotionally lately, maybe it's stress, about all of the terrible news stories. Just recently in Florida some psycho-path broke into a home, while the family was sleeping, trying to molest a 4 year old. Last night I was watching the ever so sickening "To Catch a Predator", of course it's always filmed in Florida. In a discussion with a friend I was describing the fear parents must live in, how they must ask God questions about "how could things like this happen" and a book was brought to my attention. The Shack. I have not read this novel, however I plan to find it immediately! From what I have read about the book, it is about a family whose child is abducted while on a family vacation and how they cope with the pain. After years had gone by, a note written by God invites the father back to the Shack in which his daughter was murdered. In that place all of the fathers questions are answered, his heart is repaired and spirit renewed. Sounds scary and touching, leaving you feeling complete. I hope you all look into it, especially if you questions that start with "Why?".

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  1. I'm in the middle of it right now! A little quirky...but great message!