Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Demolition Man!

Nothing is more fun than demolition. If you're having a bad day, a little anxiety or just plain feel like destroying something than knock a wall out! So far we have smashed one finger, pulled a back and a bloody nose! Sounds like an insurance nightmare, but not when it's friends and family. I am so grateful for everyone pitching in :-). This week we said goodbye to the old kitchen and it's gem of a sink, the ceilings in two rooms and and the mud-room became a much need extension to the kitchen. Next, bathroom demo is in the works and two more ceilings. I was pulling plaster out of my hair for days. We'll be back on it this weekend...

Oh, I have not shown the garage yet... so here you go!!! This will be our last project and maybe the biggest one yet. Plans? A loft and laundry room.


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